Coronavirus Update

The Vault is Re-opening on the 3rd August

Following revised government guidance and support from Humber Fire Rescue Solutions, we are pleased to announce that the Vault will be re-opening on the 3rd August. In order to support the safe use or our free to hire service, we will be making some changes to the operation of the Vault.


The Vault has been closed during lockdown, as we reviewed the changing government guidelines and reflected on the reduced demand for event equipment. We took the decision to close, in an effort to reduce physical contact and help stem the spread of Coronavirus. We also wanted to retain equipment that could then be used as part of the community response to the outbreak.

After the easing of some lockdown measures and seeking professional advice, we have been able to focus on opening the Vault in a way that allows us to loan equipment with a process that supports the national effort to reduce transmission.



What are the changes to the service

There are 5 main changes to how the Vault will operate:


* The Vault will now be open on Mondays and Thursdays only– This to allow 72hr period between each use of the equipment, which will assist in the reduction of transmission of Coronavirus.


* You will be allocated a specific time slot for collections and returns – To reduce opportunities for transmission, you will be allocated a time slot for any collections or returns. We will contact you 48hr before your order is due, to arrange a suitable time.


* The Vault opening times have been changed to 10am and 3pm – As collections and returns will now be on an appointment basis, we have changed our opening times to avoid rush hour traffic, making it easier to get to the Vault.


* Vault Users are no longer allowed to enter the Vault – Vault users will now need to wait outside the sliding door to collect or return orders. This will mean that we will not be able to offer any assistance with loading or unloading equipment.


* The equipment availability will be reduced – As you may be aware, the Vault is packed with equipment ready to loan out, but this means we don’t have enough space to operate and be Covid safe. We are also aware that some of our items will not be suitable for use due to an increased opportunity of transmission. We have removed most of our games and have limited the orderable quantity of other items on the website.



How long will these changes last for?

These changes will be in place for the rest of 2020 and may continue into 2021, as we reflect on guidance and advice. We may also have to make changes during this period, if we receive further update from the government. Our recent updates can always be found at

What does this mean for my existing orders?

If you have an order that was created before the 1st August, we will be in contact with you to discuss your order and make any required changes.



What support can HEY Smile Foundation provide during this period?

The Covid-19 outbreak has had a big impact in our sector and along with the new challenges that we face, there has also been an amazing community response. We have been working with our key partners including local councils, emergency services, private sector supporters, Mutual Aid groups, charities and infrastructure organisations.

We have added a Covid-19 response to the website that includes details of support in the Humber region and resources to help guide you in this challenging time.

At the Vault, we are privileged to meet 100’s of groups who are passionate about supporting their community. We are in uncertain times, but the Vault Team and HEY Smile Foundation are here to help our sector navigate through this difficult period. Please get in contact with us if you need assistance, or if you can help fellow charities and groups.

Our office is closed, so the landline number may not be answered, we may not be able to respond to voicemail as quickly as usual.

We would prefer you to contact us using the email address for any group support, or for any Vault support.

Kind regards,

The Vault Team