Our Story

In 2015, the HEY Smile Foundation took over the Common Treasury service from Volcom to save it from closure. The first thing we did was put it through a famous Smile revamp, and renamed the service: the Vault. We’ve worked incredibly hard to find the funding needed to operate at a successful level and we’re delighted to have a range of new equipment and online booking system.

The aim of the Vault is to provide charities and community groups across Hull and East Yorkshire access to resources that will enhance their services. Once registered, groups can borrow items from the Vault for free; which is only possible thanks to our corporate supporters and funding from The Sir James Reckitt Charity; Tudor Trust; Morrison’s Foundation; the Big Lottery Fund and Hull and East Yorkshire Charitable Trust. 


All groups wishing to book items must be a registered Vault member. To join our Smile community, please fill out a new membership form. It’s free to join and the information we collect during the registration process enables us to record the impact the service has in the local community.


We are delighted to be able to offer this unique service to our local community, to find out more about the Smile Foundation, please click here.

HEY Smile Foundation’s No Platform Policy

As a registered charity, HEY Smile Foundation (“Smile”) has certain legal obligations and in particular, an obligation to further its charitable purposes. Although a charity is permitted to undertake political campaigning, this is subject to the requirement that such campaigning supports the delivery of that charity’s charitable purposes. In light of this, Smile has introduced this No Platform Policy in order to ensure that providing access to equipment from the Vault to other charities and community groups is balanced with Smile’s legal obligations.

Accordingly, it is the policy of Smile to neither share, nor provide, a platform for any extremist groups, or their individual members, or any person or group promoting any political beliefs or view. Smile therefore reserves the right to prohibit such groups, members or persons from accessing any equipment from the Vault under this No Platform Policy.

In no way does this policy infringe on freedom of speech as these groups, members or persons can still gather in public; however, Smile does not wish to have their brand associated with such groups for the reasons set out above. Smile may also extend this no platform policy to additional groups that they believe act with aggression and un-necessary force, or those that do no align with Smile’s brand. In all instances, Smile’s discretion is final.