Coronavirus Update

The Vault during the Coronavirus outbreak – last update 14th May

Reflecting on updated government advice regarding the Coronavirus, the decision was made to temporarily halt orders to the Vault until the end of June. This may be extended in the future, based on developing advice

We took this decision in an effort to support the following outcomes:

* Reducing physical contact to help stem the spread of Coronavirus

* Retain equipment that can then be used as part of the community response to the outbreak


The government guidance for businesses, charities and the general public is likely to change as the situation progresses. We will continue to reflect on any guidance and adjust the operation of the Vault accordingly.

We have setup a new page on the Vault website that will be updated with any changes –

What does this mean for my existing orders?

If you have an order due to be collected or returned before the 1st of July, the order will be automatically canceled.

Any orders from the 1st of July are currently still being honored, but this may change as we act on any new advice.

I need to use the Vault before the 1st July, what do I do?

We understand that some groups will still need to operate during this period and that Vault equipment may play a key role in the function of your activities. If you do still need to use Vault equipment and haven’t already placed your order, please call Gareth on 07810 683398 or email

What support can HEY Smile Foundation provide during this period?

The Covid-19 outbreak is likely to have a big impact in our sector. We are currently coordinating the response with our key partners including local councils, emergency services, private sector supporters and other infrastructure organisations.

We have added a new section to the website that includes details of support in the Humber region and resources to help guide you in this challenging time.

At the Vault, we are privileged to meet 100’s of groups who are passionate about supporting their community. We are in uncertain times, but the Vault Team and HEY Smile Foundation are here to help our sector navigate through this difficult period. Please get in contact with us if you need assistance, or if you can help fellow charities and groups.

Our office is closed so the landline number may not be answered, we may not be able to respond to voicemail as quickly as usual.

We would prefer you to contact us using the email address which is being constantly monitored.

Kind regards,

The Vault Team